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A new version of the AP Video-US launched recently. AP Video-US now includes more content, additional formats, and updated features for your broadcast, digital and mobile use.
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Content is divided into Newsroom Ready and Consumer Ready:

Newsroom Ready
  • HD broadcast-quality video (1080i60) that is mainly unvoiced and loosely edited
  • Story elements can be customized and branded as your own (natsot, b-roll, sound bites, suggested script)
Consumer Ready
  • Fully-produced video including reporter tracks and lower third graphics
  • Available in various formats for digital and mobile use

Premium Celebrity Extra and Spanish videos are also available in Consumer Ready.

New features include:

  • Content categories, such as Quirky
  • HTML5 video player that can be expanded to full screen and used on iOS devices
  • Coverage Outlooks available for planning

To learn more about the other updates made to AP Video-US, visit our FAQs, explore the site or Contact Us.

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